November 28, 2011

The Master List!

Hola friends!! Ammon is busily working on our house to have it ready before the baby makes his appearance :)  We're almost done with the bathrooms - then we're moving on to the wood floor! Many pictures to come!  Since we've done 100% of the labor and material shopping ourselves, we've decided to let you know what we've found!  There are about 8 different places you can go for any one thing you might need to fix in your house. Ammon, who is a much more patient shopper than me, has hunted down all the best deals for every little thing we've needed!  If I were buying all the material, we would have probably spent double.  I'm not a deal hunter - I'd rather just buy it at the first place I find it.  Hopefully this list will help you when you need something new for your house/projects :D

I'm going to start with what we did first, and go from there - so the list will probably seem incredibly out of order!

1- Roofing supply.
       We started to re-shingle our roof two days after we closed on our house.  At first, we bought most of our supplies from Pacific Supply on Industrial.  We didn't really look around at prices and just assumed that Pacific would be the cheapest since it sells to contractors.  Little did we know - Home Depot was about $5 less per pack of shingles - PLUS they price match and BEAT the competitor by 10%.  When we ran to HD for the last 20 packs we needed - Ammon was in a tissy that we spent that much more at Pacific :)  So - Home Depot for roofing supply.  And bring a price estimate from a competitor to get the price match 10% off :)

2 - Electrical supply.
        Ammon bought almost everything electrical from Home Depot.  He looked everywhere, and they kicked the competitors trash.  There were a few fasteners that he could only find at Dixie Fastener Supply.

3 - Plumbing supply.
       Neither of us had ANY idea how expensive copper was these days!  Plumbing was one of the most expensive bundle of crap on our list.  We found the best deal (and widest selection) at Standard Plumbing Supply across the street from Fiesta Fun.  *NOTE* we did not buy our bathroom fixtures from Standard - they are insanely expensive! For fixtures, we bought a few at Home Depot, and a few at Lowes - the prices are about the same*

4 - Lumber.
      We tore up from the floor up - literally.  We needed sheetrock in almost every size.  We lucked out and happened to stop into Habitat for Humanity's ReStore just off of Riverside Drive.  We got a lot of our sheetrock there for a KILLER DEAL!!! They don't have regularly stocked merchandise there, but when they do get what you're looking for in stock - it will be miles below the regular price.  The rest of our sheetrock we got at Home Depot.

5 - Sheetrock Mud & Texture.
      We bough all of our mudding and texture supply at Home Depot.  But, Lowes is about the same price, too.

6 - Paint & Primer.
      As you've read, our houses previous owner was a HEAVY smoker.  So, we asked one of Ammon's Professional painter friends what kind of primer he suggested.  He said if we had money to blow, go with KILZ professional primer.  We definitely didn't fit that category - so he said the next best option was Devoe primer from Jones Paint & Glass.  We went with Devoe and the day after they primed the house, it smelled like a garden of roses (compared to the smoke smell).  We almost bought ALL of our paint from Jones Paint & Glass.  Their paint and primer is about $3-$6 cheaper than anywhere else we found.

7 - Doors.
      We bought our doors from Lowes, but Home Depot and Burton Lumber were all the same price.

8 - Lighting.
      We bought all of our lights from Lowes.  We have half canned lights and half, what I like to call, boob lights.  We got a 6 pack of "boob" lights from Lowes for $35 full price.  Not too shabby AT ALL!!

9 - Baseboards and Door casing
     Without a doubt, Burton Lumber is where you want to go for Base and Case.  A beautiful 4" baseboard at HD will cost you triple, almost 4X, as much as it will at Burton.  Our baseboard are 6.25" and we paid about $0.72 a linear foot.  We thought, to get that pricing, we would have to buy all of our base off of KSL (which is also a good option), but with Burton, they ordered in EXACTLY what we wanted, gave us a smokin' deal - and delivered it to our house!  We also got matching casing from Burton for about $0.52 a linear foot.  We probably saved the most money in this department.

10 - Thresholds.
    Ammon wanted to redo all of the thresholds to match the new floor.  We bought two at Home Depot and thought they seemed a bit expensive.  We checked a few days later at Lowes and they were about $5-$6 cheaper there.

11 - Outlets, light switches, and covers
     Home Depot!!!  We got a 20% off coupon in the mail from Lowes, so we went to buy all of our outlets, light switches, and covers there.  We didn't even bother looking anywhere else, because we thought the coupon would beat out everywhere else.  Little did we know, Home Depot had everything we wanted in the color we wanted for almost HALF of what they cost at Lowes.  We overpaid WAY too much - almost $150 more than we would have paid at HD.

12 - Tile
    We searched high and low for the perfect shade of tile.  Lowes has a much bigger selection, but Home Depot blows them out of the water on price.  And, coincidentally, Home Depot had exactly what we were looking for - the tile for our bathroom was only $0.98 a sq. ft.  The tile for our kitchen and laundry room was only $1.49 a sq. ft.

13 - Wood Flooring
     We knew we wanted wood.  We knew we wanted black wood.  Browse anywhere for black hardwood and the price is almost insane.  So, we went online!  We were both a little sketched out to buy such a HUGE, expensive material online.  But we couldn't be happier with what we got!  The two places I found that are absolutely amazing are


don't let the names scare you.  We decided to go with for our flooring, and we love, love, love it!! It's so beautiful!! Here's a little sneak preview:

We were okay with a laminate floor instead of real wood, and we think we picked perfectly!  We spent about $1.30/sq. ft. And it's a Utah based company - I don't know why that made me feel happy inside :) Go Utah!!  They also hooked us up with a super nice pad for about $14/roll.  We looked it up online and it retails at $29/roll.  Thanks Laminate Floors Cheap! ;)

14 - Carpet
     We found a hidden southern Utah treasure for our carpet.  GS Distribution!  You would NEVER know they sell carpet, tile and wood when you walk in, but upstairs is a hidden flooring center!  We found the PERFECT carpet for our house.  We told them how much we wanted to spend and the color, and they nailed it!  The price for the carpet, pad and installation was absolutely unbeatable.  They are located at 1357 South 320 East Suite A in St. George.

Hope this helps you as much as it has helped us!! Enjoy!

November 10, 2011

inch by inch!

we are slowly getting our house put together! It's so exciting to see so much changing - especially after such a long time of not seeing anything :) We textured and painted!!!! I was so happy! Sad that I couldn't be there to help - and was forcibly removed when I tried to sneak in for a peek while they were painting.  The smoker smell is finally gone!  It's the best ever not to smell like smoke all the time - now we smell like paint.. I'll take it ;) Ammon and his awesome brothers started tiling our bathrooms and Ammon started rebuilding our hearth today!  It's going to be so beautiful :) I can't wait to move in and light a fire!!  We've ordered our door casing and baseboards AND our gorgeous dark wood floors!  Here are a few update pictures - many more to come within the next few weeks!!

tile in guest bathroom

tile pattern in the showers :)

starting on the hearth!! You can see our paint color, too!

October 16, 2011

Slowly but surely

We're slowly making progress!  Here's what's been going on the last month or so.

  One of our neighbors (whose no doubt sick of all the debris in our front yard) called the city to cite us for not having a building permit.  High five, new neighbor! We're stoked to live by you ;)  No, we were mad at first, but it's a good thing in the long run.

   We FINALLY passed all the lame inspections for electrical, plumbing, gas, insulation... etc.  All the stuff that is behind the scenes - that you can't really tell it's making a difference.  Ammon started sheet-rocking and out little abode is finally coming together! It's so exciting to see all the things we've been talking about for months become a reality :D  These pictures were taken a week or so ago, so Ammon is almost to the point where he can start texturing the walls! Then we can paint! mmm paint!

the new entryway into our master bedroom's closet

our new walk-in shower!! This bathroom is by far the biggest transformation in the house

baby's future room :) oh, and my office - we'll see how that goes haha!

guest bathroom

guest bathroom - where the door used to be

Newly shaped entryway!  The fireplace isn't centered in the wall, but it's centered in the room - weird I know.  We've spent many hours talking about it and getting nowhere :)

kitchen completely scraped down :)

new - bigger hallway leading to the guest room

View of the front door from the back wall. 
We're so excited to finally be making some visible progress!!  We're still trying to find some flooring for the bathrooms - tile is ridiculous! And none of it is that good looking :)  However - we owe an arm and leg to Habitat for Humanity's ReStore.  We've saved SO much money there.  For example, Ammon decided he wanted to make all the corners in our house round (I didn't even know people did that - I'm not very observant).  So, we went to Home Depot to see how much rounded "bull-nose" corners were.  For one stick that's like 8 feet is was $7 a piece!!!  So, we checked ReStore, and luckily they had bull-nose corners in that day - for $1 per 12 foot piece!! We saved almost 80%!!! If you've never been to ReStore - get your butt down there right now! They are awesome! They don't always have everything in stock, but if you find what you're looking for, you'll save TONS of money!

Anyways! Hopefully I can update again in a week or two with painted walls!! Hooray!

July 25, 2011


Ammon has been hard at work on our humble little abode :) Before you read this - take a look at the before pictures from the previous post.... it's pretty crazy :)

extending the master bath into future baby's room

the bittersweet demolition of the brick fireplace

my hubs ripping out some Sheetrock in the guest bathroom

Kitchen - sans cabinets and wallpaper :) I can't wait to tackle this!

View of the guest bath from the guest room - we're extending this bathroom a foot and a half into the guest room - getting rid of the door leading into the guest room, and extending the wall by the toilet a foot into the hallways (which we're also making wider).

My dream mirrors. I can't wait to redo them... but I have about 30 ideas! HELP!

View from guest bath into hallway

all the fun stuff we found in the recess between the master bathroom and the baby's room... critters everywhere! It was NAST!

FINALLY ripping out the master bath and all it's grossness.. it was the BEST FEELING EVER!!!
We're slowly making some progress! I can't wait til the new construction is done... then things should move fairly quickly - hopefully! Cross your fingers and toes! :D

July 10, 2011

Before pictures

Hello there!  We've started working on our house!  Ammon is hard at work replacing the leaky roof - and for some reason the weather decided to rain for the first time ALL summer right when he started tearing it off - go figure, right? :D Meanwhile - our awesome family has helped us scrape off the popcorn ceiling (which seems to be holding ALL the smoker smell, so our house smells NASTY with the popcorn all over the floor), ripping up the carpet and pad, tearing out ALL the baseboards and tack board from the carpet, and smashing out the counter tops.  It already looks like a totally different house without the grass-like carpet and wallpaper :D  We've also started tearing out the fireplace.  I'm a little sad about it - I love the brick.  But I think we have come to a compromise where I get to keep the brick, and Ammon gets his wooden mantle and such.  I can't wait to show it to you!  I've been taking picture along the way - but for today, I'm going to show you a before pictures - better ones than the last batch I posted :D
future dining area - door to the backyard

old carpet and older carpet pad :D

Living room

Living Room

Fireplace / Front door and entryway.

Hallway - cute wallpaper (future dining area)

entryway... real cute :D

Closet where our VERY outdated a/c unit is housed.

Babies room - oh p.s. we're PREGNANT!! :D

hallway to bedrooms

guest room

guest bathroom - everyone loves carpeted bathrooms :D
very cute popcorn ceiling

guest bathroom tub

stripping wall paper... it was, oh, so fun! and smelly!

master bath vanity.

underneath the carpet.... I almost puked all over it. the smell was UNREAL!!!

Master bath shower - gross huh?

master bath potty... have you ever seen one so close to the ground?

master bathroom - I've got big plans for the awesome mirror!!

babies room - we're extending the master bed and bath into this room a little bit - so it will look really different when we're done!

Hallway closet - I want to turn it into my office!
So it will look something like THIS!!! I know you're jealous ;)

Master bedroom... it needs LOTS of work ;)

Master bed into the master bath

June 24, 2011


We finally closed on our house! It was a long four months - but we have keys and our sleeves rolled up :) I feel like we're such big kids now!  We'll be tackling the leaky roof and popcorn ceilings first, and since neither of those are very cute or crafty - it will probably be a hot minute until I can post the some of the more exciting stuff :D  thank you for all of your comments! It makes us feel so special :D

May 17, 2011

Gray Never Looked So Good :)

Hello Friends!!  We're SOOO close to finally closing on our house :)  I swear this is the longest house closing in the history of all house-dom! So, we're trying to start on some projects that we can do before owning the house - enter: living room side tables!!  Thanks to my super awesome friend, Ciera (she is actually Ammon's cousin's wife), for giving us these amazing tables!!  It took us a hot minute to figure out what we were going to do with them - since our entire house is black and gray, we couldn't figure out how to paint them.  We're not even sure what our new couch is going to look like, so we had a tiny table emergency :) So, here's the before shot
first we sanded them down.

then we primed them with Kilz primer  - and by the way, I don't pretend that my brain is crafty, if you know me at all, you'll know that I'm probably the least creative person on the planet :) I got this idea and directions from my friend Brooke at all things thrifty! She's probably the greatest ever :) Along with Mandi at vintage revivals.  They're my girl crushes :)

Then, we painted them satin Granite Gray
In case you didn't see the can through all the cuteness - my little brother Haden  :)
Then, after we'd painted them - I glazed them black! And I'm in love :)  - this picture shows the front table glazed, and the back table not glazed.

more after pictures :D

What do you think? Love them? Hate them?  I love them - A LOT!  I can't wait to see them in our living room :D