May 17, 2011

Gray Never Looked So Good :)

Hello Friends!!  We're SOOO close to finally closing on our house :)  I swear this is the longest house closing in the history of all house-dom! So, we're trying to start on some projects that we can do before owning the house - enter: living room side tables!!  Thanks to my super awesome friend, Ciera (she is actually Ammon's cousin's wife), for giving us these amazing tables!!  It took us a hot minute to figure out what we were going to do with them - since our entire house is black and gray, we couldn't figure out how to paint them.  We're not even sure what our new couch is going to look like, so we had a tiny table emergency :) So, here's the before shot
first we sanded them down.

then we primed them with Kilz primer  - and by the way, I don't pretend that my brain is crafty, if you know me at all, you'll know that I'm probably the least creative person on the planet :) I got this idea and directions from my friend Brooke at all things thrifty! She's probably the greatest ever :) Along with Mandi at vintage revivals.  They're my girl crushes :)

Then, we painted them satin Granite Gray
In case you didn't see the can through all the cuteness - my little brother Haden  :)
Then, after we'd painted them - I glazed them black! And I'm in love :)  - this picture shows the front table glazed, and the back table not glazed.

more after pictures :D

What do you think? Love them? Hate them?  I love them - A LOT!  I can't wait to see them in our living room :D

May 3, 2011

Big Plans

Hello friends :) Ammon and I have been talking about decor in our future house - he mainly couldn't care less... which works out great for me :D My sister in law told me about this site - and I found this project she did and wanted to faint

Hallway Project

If I can sneak all the frames past Ammon and hang them myself - our hallway will be just like this one! So - I need your help.  I need quotes, pictures, anything awesome to put in our frames!!  Leave a comment here or email me at :D  I wish I was creative and crafty - but sadly, I'm not! So - send me your ideas, then I will steal them and claim them as my own ;)