May 3, 2011

Big Plans

Hello friends :) Ammon and I have been talking about decor in our future house - he mainly couldn't care less... which works out great for me :D My sister in law told me about this site - and I found this project she did and wanted to faint

Hallway Project

If I can sneak all the frames past Ammon and hang them myself - our hallway will be just like this one! So - I need your help.  I need quotes, pictures, anything awesome to put in our frames!!  Leave a comment here or email me at :D  I wish I was creative and crafty - but sadly, I'm not! So - send me your ideas, then I will steal them and claim them as my own ;)


Jerry said...

I think that is very cute! Proclomation to the family always good and lots and lots of pictures!!

Jerry said...

this is me kaydee...not my dad :)

Brét said...

Get on Pinterest and you will find lot's and lot's of ideas for your wall