April 19, 2011

Colors, Colors, Colors! Oh, My!!

We've decided on paint for our house!!  I very quickly lost the colored walls debate.  Since we're doing everything ourselves (and when I say "we", I really mean "Ammon" :D), and we want to move in as soon as possible - we are painting the house one color.  Ammon HATES to paint with a fiery passion - so we compromised :)  I get to pick the flooring - Ammon gets to paint the house one color.  Once we decided on a color scheme for the entire house - I felt good about it!  We've decided on GRAY!  Which is a favorite of us both.  We're doing dark flooring throughout the entire house (we're trying to have some foresight for when we have kiddos spilling and peeing everywhere ;D), white base and ceilings, and gray walls.  I feel like I won the battle though, because in each room we're having a different accent color - that yours truly gets to pick!! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!  So - here's the very rough first drafts of our color scheme for all the rooms in the house - tell me what you think!!

the kitchen is visible from the living room - so for right now, we're keeping the kitchen and living room accent color the same