July 25, 2011


Ammon has been hard at work on our humble little abode :) Before you read this - take a look at the before pictures from the previous post.... it's pretty crazy :)

extending the master bath into future baby's room

the bittersweet demolition of the brick fireplace

my hubs ripping out some Sheetrock in the guest bathroom

Kitchen - sans cabinets and wallpaper :) I can't wait to tackle this!

View of the guest bath from the guest room - we're extending this bathroom a foot and a half into the guest room - getting rid of the door leading into the guest room, and extending the wall by the toilet a foot into the hallways (which we're also making wider).

My dream mirrors. I can't wait to redo them... but I have about 30 ideas! HELP!

View from guest bath into hallway

all the fun stuff we found in the recess between the master bathroom and the baby's room... critters everywhere! It was NAST!

FINALLY ripping out the master bath and all it's grossness.. it was the BEST FEELING EVER!!!
We're slowly making some progress! I can't wait til the new construction is done... then things should move fairly quickly - hopefully! Cross your fingers and toes! :D

July 10, 2011

Before pictures

Hello there!  We've started working on our house!  Ammon is hard at work replacing the leaky roof - and for some reason the weather decided to rain for the first time ALL summer right when he started tearing it off - go figure, right? :D Meanwhile - our awesome family has helped us scrape off the popcorn ceiling (which seems to be holding ALL the smoker smell, so our house smells NASTY with the popcorn all over the floor), ripping up the carpet and pad, tearing out ALL the baseboards and tack board from the carpet, and smashing out the counter tops.  It already looks like a totally different house without the grass-like carpet and wallpaper :D  We've also started tearing out the fireplace.  I'm a little sad about it - I love the brick.  But I think we have come to a compromise where I get to keep the brick, and Ammon gets his wooden mantle and such.  I can't wait to show it to you!  I've been taking picture along the way - but for today, I'm going to show you a before pictures - better ones than the last batch I posted :D
future dining area - door to the backyard

old carpet and older carpet pad :D

Living room

Living Room

Fireplace / Front door and entryway.

Hallway - cute wallpaper (future dining area)

entryway... real cute :D

Closet where our VERY outdated a/c unit is housed.

Babies room - oh p.s. we're PREGNANT!! :D

hallway to bedrooms

guest room

guest bathroom - everyone loves carpeted bathrooms :D
very cute popcorn ceiling

guest bathroom tub

stripping wall paper... it was, oh, so fun! and smelly!

master bath vanity.

underneath the carpet.... I almost puked all over it. the smell was UNREAL!!!

Master bath shower - gross huh?

master bath potty... have you ever seen one so close to the ground?

master bathroom - I've got big plans for the awesome mirror!!

babies room - we're extending the master bed and bath into this room a little bit - so it will look really different when we're done!

Hallway closet - I want to turn it into my office!
So it will look something like THIS!!! I know you're jealous ;)

Master bedroom... it needs LOTS of work ;)

Master bed into the master bath