July 25, 2011


Ammon has been hard at work on our humble little abode :) Before you read this - take a look at the before pictures from the previous post.... it's pretty crazy :)

extending the master bath into future baby's room

the bittersweet demolition of the brick fireplace

my hubs ripping out some Sheetrock in the guest bathroom

Kitchen - sans cabinets and wallpaper :) I can't wait to tackle this!

View of the guest bath from the guest room - we're extending this bathroom a foot and a half into the guest room - getting rid of the door leading into the guest room, and extending the wall by the toilet a foot into the hallways (which we're also making wider).

My dream mirrors. I can't wait to redo them... but I have about 30 ideas! HELP!

View from guest bath into hallway

all the fun stuff we found in the recess between the master bathroom and the baby's room... critters everywhere! It was NAST!

FINALLY ripping out the master bath and all it's grossness.. it was the BEST FEELING EVER!!!
We're slowly making some progress! I can't wait til the new construction is done... then things should move fairly quickly - hopefully! Cross your fingers and toes! :D

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