November 10, 2011

inch by inch!

we are slowly getting our house put together! It's so exciting to see so much changing - especially after such a long time of not seeing anything :) We textured and painted!!!! I was so happy! Sad that I couldn't be there to help - and was forcibly removed when I tried to sneak in for a peek while they were painting.  The smoker smell is finally gone!  It's the best ever not to smell like smoke all the time - now we smell like paint.. I'll take it ;) Ammon and his awesome brothers started tiling our bathrooms and Ammon started rebuilding our hearth today!  It's going to be so beautiful :) I can't wait to move in and light a fire!!  We've ordered our door casing and baseboards AND our gorgeous dark wood floors!  Here are a few update pictures - many more to come within the next few weeks!!

tile in guest bathroom

tile pattern in the showers :)

starting on the hearth!! You can see our paint color, too!

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Randi Gardner said...

This is so exciting Hayley! My husband and I are huge home improvement nerds. This is our dream. For now we just spiff up or little town home and love it.
P.S. Love the old mirrors and please tell me you are keeping the windows and doors. I love the diamond panes!